A Treasure house of knowledge and a Store house of Wisdom. A well established, spacious and ventilated, well equipped library with numerous books, journals & magazines of various fields. International Journals, newsletters, books & dailies. New books of eminent writers are kept here which helps the students to enrich their knowledge.

An ideal place to boost up and recharge your knowledge and wisdom. You can find spacious, wide tables with more chairs that are grouped in different places. The brightness and aerated atmosphere with a serene, calm environment provides a well reading atmosphere for students. Well-equipped shelves and racks are there where you find various subject books, source books and other technical books are arranged neatly in proper order.
Laboratory & Workshop
The college has excellent, well equipped computer laboratory. There are separate labs for Computer programming, Operating system, Database Management System, Distributed Computing System with Wi-Fi facilities. There is also a Printer and a Projector to assist the students in Project work. Well experienced faculties to clarify doubts to individuals.

A Spacious Physics and chemistry laboratory with experience faculties and lab assistants who help the students and clear their doubts then and there. Hand to Hand training with Well quality equipment are used are given for the students to do their experiments well.
Bus Route
Good transport facility in all routes in and around Puducherry to the outskirts of the town. Buses ply enroute from the college campus to the main town and neighboring places of Tamil Nadu, Cudddalore, Vilupuram and Tindivanam to reach the destination in correct time. Reasonable bus fees for students. Safe and secured driving by experienced drivers.
Hostel-Separate hostel facility provided for boys and girls is available in the college campus. Spacious rooms with all amenities and facilities. Separate warden for boys and girls to ensure safety. Purified water and electrical facilities available round the clock. Nutritional and tasty hygienic food available at proper time.
Beyond Curriculum
We engage and encourage the students to participate in various seminars, workshops, symposium and various technical events.
Hygienic food and nutritious snacks and Tiffin items. Food available for students. Students enjoy tea time with hot, crispy & tasty snacks with tea, cookies, biscuits and chocolates crispy, tasty, nutritional, snacks and beverages with comfortable seating arrangement.

Juice items, soft drinks, delicious Ice –creams, are sold for students at nominal price. Nutritious food and meals available during lunch time and tea-breaks.

A widespread play ground is located in the front yard of the college campus. It is a vast area of grassland where Sports activities are given to students to keep them fit and healthy. Sports gives relaxment both to the body and mind and makes the students active. Our college gives special attention in the field of Sports.

Various games like Volley ball, badminton, cricket, tennis are played enthusiastically by the students. Sports refreshes and rejuvenates both the body and the soul and makes students active and energetic. Students spend their leisure time in a useful healthy way with joy and happiness.

Purified Water
Purified Osmotic RO water to quench your thirst. Tasty, pure drinking water facility available round the clock available in the college campus.
Dining Hall
A large spacious, dining hall with sufficient number of dining tables and chairs are kept. Pure RO Osmotic drinking water facility is provided to ensure health and hygiene for students. Breakfast, Lunch such as special tasty meals, Nutritional dishes, Variety Rice, and healthy side dishes are available at proper time.
Induction Day 2017-18
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